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Illuminati members fame and powerful ritual to change your life-Sacred Illuminati Ritual-Proven, GUARANTEED ADVANCED ritual to create WEALTH.
Well respected lightworkers obtained this spell through an undercover source who witnessed it being cast in 1974. This is a spell of RENENET, the Egyptian Goddess of WEALTH AND NOURISHMENT. A ritual that was once only performed for the Pharaohs, but has been passed on in secrecy.NEVER has this spell failed to produce VAST SUCCESS for any person whom it is cast for. This is a FULL COVEN RITUAL coven ritual that requires the unique talents of myself, and 29 other EXTREMELY GIFTED, and DEDICATED PRACTITIONERS (the Sisterhood Witches). This is an ANCIENT SPELL of advanced ancient EGYPTIAN MAGIC.

This ritual has given massive LUCK and SUCCESS to every person it has been cast for. This spell opens a LARGE PATH TO PROSPERITY that will never cease growing for the duration of one’s life. This is a spell of Kings and Queens. The possibilities are ENDLESSLY when you are EXTREMELY lucky, an attractant of ALL THINGS GOOD AND POSITIVE, the SPOILS of life will FIND you, and not the other way around. You can stop chasing your dreams, and instead, HAVE YOUR DREAMS COME TO YOU.

You must send us your right info exactly as we ask for it. Note that you are responsible for getting us the correct information. It’s one of the most important things we need from you. If the information is not correct, this Illuminati Wealth spell have a chance of not activating strongly. We want you to take accountability and responsibility for getting the best outcome possible for this spell. It’s not all on us, and it takes teamwork to get what you want.
We require your name and date of birth – photos if available are useful, but not essential. Be open and honest with me as this information helps me INCREASE the ENERGY of your spell.

This is for SERIOUS buyer ONLY. Please consider your truest desires done before purchasing.

May the moon bright up your nights and cleanse your soul!

We will contact you if we haven’t spoken beforehand and you will will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have because there’s usually a discussion needed so we’re both on the same page.

Our spells are created by professional witches and MYSTIC, yielding amazingly accurate results and Spell Successes, even in cases there was thought to be no hope. We are are dedicated 100% to our craft and work directly with spirits and Magickal ingredients so if you are wondering why our service is overpriced, its because we go out and buy new spiritual items, materials and ingredients each and every time for a individual. Nothing is re-used. All we ask is when you purchase, be PATIENT and know that we are taking it very SERIOUSLY. We are more interested in getting results and honestly don’t care why you want our service. Our job is to get you what you want and get it for you in a timely manner.

We care deeply for our beloved clients & will strive to make you happy and give you respect and dignity you truly deserve. You may tell us anything with complete privacy and confidence and we will help you to feel whole and loved again. We are naturally born empaths as well and reliable spell casters who can connect with you, feel your feelings and will never judge you. If you are interested in chat sessions, don’t hesitate to contact us to ask about them. They are like counseling sessions as I myself is a Life Coach. If we schedule these sessions, arrangements will be made on when and where these sessions will be shared. We care deeply for our beloved clients & we will strive to make you happy and give you respect and dignity you truly deserve.

My name is Morgana Isha, the North African Star Gypsy Priestess of Egypt and a professional witch and leader of a level 17 craft west coast and High Priestess of 666sisters Coven. My ancestors were of Arabic and Egyptian descent and my powers are inherited from the first witch family of the Ogun Kingdom. I was handed the key to the spiritual realm to operate, build, destroy and also help. I am here to help the World positively and not the other way. I will heal your pains, relationship issues, romance e.t.c. If you don’t see something you need in the shop listings send me a message. We can create whatever you need from scratch, this unique request has changed lives and is used by loyal clients.

By law, all ritualists are required to state that readings, spells and energy works are provided for religious and are for entertainment purposes. Nothing will be shipped to you in the physical mail. Our services are not intended to substitute advice or help from medical or legal professions. No medical or legal advice is given. You must be 18years and above. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a purchase if the request is outside our ethical boundaries. We also reserve the right to limit the number of follow-up contacts after a ritual has been cast. We are happy to answer questions as to procedure but we do not issue refunds or issue partial refunds. We use our energy to create and perform your Spell. Asking for a refund amount to taking advantage of our service and an insult to our craft. If there is a mistake in the order, say you purchase two spells accidentally instead of one, We will refund. If you change your mind before we do the Spell, we will refund you. We are just not giving away our energy or time for free. The purchasing of our service signifies your acceptance of the policy statements and releases us from all liability.
With Love,
Morgana- 666sisters

Illuminati Brotherhood
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